Wednesday, December 09, 2015

On the road again

Ah. s'pose had better post something (don't write real letters much, these days, either - perhaps have been living in relatively comfortable 'isolation' for far too long - five and a half years. My, how time flies).

However - 'Tis the season to be merry - So had better wish my one or two 'followers' 

May your Festive Season Be Merry
and your next years be fruitful.

 Um,  where was i ... Ah. When i first moved into this cottage it was, pretty much, a long distance "handshake" from the land owners.  First contact was by phone, then email. In essence; "move in when you like, stay as long as you like. Rent $100/week. If you're happy, we're happy. No 'Agents', no 'leases'.

However, time passes, situations change. Was informed a month or so ago that this cottage is now "on the market - For sale.  Do, frankly, think that the price is a bit ambitious - but best wishes to them - they have been remarkably generous to allow me to stay with no rent increase.

Ironically (or naively), had sort of expected  to be here for a few more years, and sold my caravan a couple of months previously.

However c'est la vie. Adventure beckons. Have almost cleared all my STUFF (surprising how much STUFF a stationary person collects over time) - most of the important bits are now in local storage (half my furniture came from the local 'dump' Waste Transfer Station, and has been returned) - and the Jackaroo 4X4 is almost "ready for the road". Am "homeless" and departing for parts unknown this Friday 11 December.

Have an idea as to where am headed next but, while will be taking the laptop and 'mobile' phone, 'technical' communication will be sporadic (so what's new - i hear you say).  

 Anyhoo, Cheers and Best Wishes to All. Am not dead yet, and will try to do Updates from wherever i am along the track.


Vincent said...

Have just left a comment on your penultimate post.

Yes, c’est la Vie, or in Tom Collins’ “inveterately truthful” Australian, Such Is Life--- the humour, the pathos, the irony of life in the bush, in the words of David Malouf.

BBC said...

Carry on..