Friday, May 29, 2015

o, hi, remain alive

Um, have booked self into a "motorcycle rider's course". Yer, i know, have seen the TV show "retrain your brain". Once upon a time ... i remember my trusty Suzuki 185 trail bike. (oddly, now that am writing this - am beginning to remember my 100cc Suzuki "commuter" bike.

Sort of interesting, really ...
 Am guessing that a 50 year history, and knowledge, of negotiating roads and road conditions across the length and breath of this Australian Island/continent - have never put a dent in any other motor vehicle for the past 40 years, may or not, count. However, has been a long time since have sat astride a "motorbike".

Back a while .. 60 hours in "gliders" - up in the air aerial thingos.
Horses, yes, motorbikes, no.

Um, have looked at the 'book', words of "rules and regulations".

Can i pass this relatively simple "learners test"?

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