Saturday, January 03, 2015

Diminishing into the mysts of his story

Odd, really. Sitting here on a Saturday night, with far too many cut crystal glasses from  Chateu Cardborde pondering the misses, Ms, and Mrs who have shared the various times of my lives. The shards of shattered dreams and ambitions.

Was it all worth it, i ask myself. Did they enjoy it as much as i did - or was it all simply an egotistical waste of time.


Vest said...

So sad and yet some of us are blessed with happiness and loving togetherness.

Davoh said...

Yep, have just travelled 2,857 kilometres round trip to find it .. met with some "family" from 50 years ago. meh.

Davoh said...

.. and yes, Vestie .. there is much in that journey that i am cautious about telling. Perhaps have also discovered that there is more to me than i tell.