Tuesday, January 20, 2015

the big 'Cod' ...

Heh. Tocumwal, NSW - a few days ago. Am not dead yet.

Set out on a 2,857 kilometer round trip journey to collect some 'family' archives from South Australia and a local friend of mine asked, after i'd mentioned that would be close to water - that i "bring back a fish".
 This is the 'biggest' that i could do - in the piscatorial photoshop process.

 Bit difficult to put into the back seat of a suburban sedan ... heh.


John L said...

Someone told me you had big cods.

Vest said...

Hi Travelling man.
A fish out of water is akin to a girt by sea bloke without a beer in his mitt.
You wouldn't want that thing sniffing around that worm near your codpiece

Davoh said...

Heh, Vestie. Are you asking, or suggesting that the worm behind the cod piece is inactive?

Might suggest that i have a friend ... and discovered that the worm is not as 'inactive' as i believed it was.