Thursday, August 21, 2014


At this point
DO NOT BUY ANYTHING FROM ALDI that has a 'computer' disk.

At this point am discovering aberrations.

UPDATE: 30 Aug 2014.

Ok, a smidge more detail.  Am a "toy" junkie. Anything interesting less than $50 is fair game ... heh.

So, saw a Maginon USB microscope for $49-00. Thought ah, what the heck.

Brief description is that it is plastic, very much a toy. Comes with a "computer disc" and USB cable. Cannot operate independently. My problem began when tried to 'play' the disc into my Win 7 Home premium laptop. Zilch, or rather, could hear disc trying something, brrrrm pause brmmmm pause ...but no response on the screen. Um, think i, something not happening. Cutting a long story short - did ring the 1800 'help' number, was sent email with link to 'driver'. Um, 650Mb download - my satellite 'connection' estimated 48 hours. UM.

Do, however, still have a Dell underdesk 'box' with Win XP. Tried that - no problem. Installation screen popped up almost immediately.

So, if anyone has recently purchased this item from ALDI - find a grandpa who still remembers Windows XP ... heh.


Gerry said...

How's things, Davo? Hope you're well...

Davoh said...

Well ... well well, nice to know that you also remain alive Gez; also ... heh.

Vest said...

Has it shrunk that much you need a microscope.

Davoh said...

Depends on the viewpoint Vestie. Can, still, see it while standing up (no 'excess gut' to obscure the view)... heh).