Thursday, August 28, 2014

Medical research thought bubble

Have recently donated $30.00 directly to the Heart Research Institute

Has just occurred to me to ponder a question. If am supposed to "contribute" $7.00 every time i visit a GP (at this point of time am not all that bothered, since am in relatively good health, perhaps need to visit a GP once a year) ------
Where would my $7.00 'co-payment' actually end up? Oh, says Joe Hockey - "medical research".

Um, think i, since have extreme trouble believing ANYTHING that this current crop of venal and mendacious, " thought bubble" Federal politicians say .....

Will ask another question. Since have already "donated" - from my pension - $30.00 directly  to a trusted and already established  "Medical research" Institute - why would it not be possible to ask for a "discount" for 4 visits to the GP? (7x4=28) .... and a reduction of $2.00 on the fifth visit???????


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Vest said...

Dont be a tight wad, forget it.