Sunday, August 03, 2014

smidge update (with pics)

Um, there seems to be some sort of perception from at least one of my readers that am some sort of 'wobbly' alcoholic.

Dunno what this set of pics actually "prove" ... but have been carefully chosen ... heh.

On the other hand ...

... it could be argued that am not always incompetently inebriated, and sort of know what am doing - which in no way precludes the fact that i may well, on occasion, 'choose' to become completely inebriated.

Which prompts another thought. Is it better to become "competently" inebriated .... or to merely become 'incompentently' inebriated?  Must ponder that philosophical problem.

In the mean time ...

Has been a bit chilly up this way. Do have some snow pics from Friday 18th last month - also from the rather beautiful 10cm that dusted the locality last Friday night (1-2 Aug 2014) ... but is becoming so 'usual' and 'boring' that haven't bothered to traipse around the locality, camera in hand.

What IS important is not the snow, but the fact that while the overnight temperatures of between -1C and -5C. Tends to turn the backyard mud into ice - remain ALIVE  .... buuuut, not enough to freeze the local ponds; can't ski, can't skate. Damn, wish the weather and climate would "make up its mind"!

Anyhooo - some interest and fun can be found  pottering around the local bushland finding firewood.

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Davoh said...

Yes, i could. Use this image to illustrate 'a couple of friends' collecting firewood from a tree that had fallen into the creek on the righthandside of the image some two years ago.

Or, i could use this image to 'illustrate' the benefits of State gummint "forestry".