Sunday, August 03, 2014


After several hundred years - Secret Services consider using ancient technology.
Considering purchase of  more mechanical typewriters for inter - office communication.
Have recently discovered -- Words written  on mechanical  typewriters cannot be seen on the cybernet!!!!


Vest said...

All due to this post, I have unearthed my ancient but in great order portable typewriter.If you have one of these wretched things and have not used one since 1989, try typing a few para's.
I found it time consuming and it tested my patience.
It is now back where it belongs with my cocked hats also the box of pennies, musty momento's and grandmas tin of rusty old gramophone needles.

Davoh said...

Um, OK. First i have to tell you my actual, real, "address" i.e. the place where i 'actually' live in my house. THEN, i have to 'trust' you to keep that 'specific' location 'secret' ...

In case some drunken, or methametanine inspired idiot decides that they disagree with my opinions and turn up on my doorstep with dingbat intent to kill.

Yes, Vestie, there was a time when i would, 'tell' you a postal address: and you could; as i have, in the past - send multiple pages of hand written "letters".

It is, actually, slowly becoming apparent to me that those sort of days, and the people that i once trusted to transfer that sort of information - are becoming something that belongs in my 'past'.

At this point of my life - can only wish the "youngies" best wishes. They are the people who will have to figure out what the future may become.