Sunday, August 31, 2014


* and elderish concept, perhaps, these days.

Way back in the second great war, in aircraft, in the early days of electronic signals  -It used to signify - Identification; Friend or Foe.

Who knows, these days.
'warfare' is no longer simple.


Vincent said...

Just as well, methinks. The world has become too small for warfare, especially the kind of warfare that's designed to put an end to the warfare.

Vest said...

Remember the following with monotonous regularity while on the ADP high in the Ship.
" Bogey on the plot".
" Aircraft not showing IFF; Myrtle down; red alert; all Quarters stand to.Followed by A H B L. for about a never ending half an houror so, then the clean up.

Myrtle, being a Nip reco plane.
Vest not Forget.

Those were the good old days of death and destruction."BANZAI".

Most of the sons of Nippon flyers were the Equiv to under 25 'P Platers'.

Davoh said...

"especially the kind of warfare that's designed to put an end to the warfare."

Yep, Vincent; but who listens to us elderish philosophers.

Luv ya, Vestie. You, at least, have had some experience with shooty shooty bang bang - real death is only an instant away - sort of 'warfare'.

What bothers me at the moment is that "politicians" - the local recent ones, have. no. concept. of what. it. MEANS!!!

All Gung-Ho!, let's get involved!
Much, MUCH too easy to order troops into and onto the real "battlefield" - while remaining SAFE, at home! Especially if they themselves, OR their immediate ancestors; have had NO experience in, or ON, a REAL battlefield.