Thursday, September 04, 2014

Astonishing stupidity?

OK, adding the question mark since am not all that convinced that it might be ME who is stupid.

However, quite a lot of the decisions of the current crop of Federal politicians - according to what i hear in, and in, whatever media i can access - is astonishingly peculiar, and laden with inconsistent logic.

Won't post ALL of them, but here are a few ...

Silence relating to "Operational matters" -
Scott Morrison, Minister for Immigration, invoked "Operational matters" when refusing to tell the Australian media about two leaky fishing boats.
 On the other hand, the 'Prime Minister' seems quite happy to "inform the media" that we have heavy-lift aircraft delivering arms in Northern Iraq. Have even heard which airport they are landing at, and where they will be "delivering" those shipments of armaments.

Does anyone else see some peculiarities here? What danger do two leaky fishing boats have to "National Security" - as distinct from "informing the 'brutal terrorists'" where our RAAF aircraft are, WHAT they are, and what they are doing?????

Fixing the budget;

O, o, o. Too much for this little pixie to comprehend and write about in detail. HOWEVER.
Am still trying to wrap my tiny mind around this one and write something concise. The latest "oddity" is that while the Treasurer Joe Hockey has, for the past twelve months, been whinging that ' we won't be able to afford the OLD people in the future .... suddenly decides to freeze compulsory superannuation savings.

Bill Shorten has tried to articulate the stupidity of this. Says something like - 'why reward 9 multinational mining companies, at the expense of the future of 9 million working Australians?
OH, says Joe Hockey .. that more money will go to the workers. ??? how? it was never intended to be in the 'workers' pay packet in the first place.  If he thinks that "BIG BUSINESS" Multinationals will REALLY give their 'employees', (aka future slaves) a 3% INCREASE in wages each year, every year, for the next 7 years - he must be living in some sort of Rupert Murdoch induced FANTASYLAND!!!

While yes, Joe Hockey can cavort around Parliament house and the 5 minute media cycle .... claiming "WE got rid of the mining tax.!!!! What he is not saying or chortling about is that "attached" to that legislation were some other rather disturbing "sub-clauses". Will try to find out what they are, but one of them was removing some support for "Small Business" Dunno what you lot think ... but surely the "wealth" of a country, a Nation - is the ability of "small business' to circulate finances WITHIN the country or Nation.

Frankly, i don't really care much about who make profit or "super profits" ... PROVIDED THAT MONEY REMAINS CIRCULATING WITHIN AUSTRALIA.

At this point, it looks like the current arrogant arseholes are winning the "SPIN" cycle. BAH HUMBUG!!!

Banana republic? Here we come.
Interesting comment  (thanks, Vestie)


BBC said...

They will try to fix the budget by raising your taxes or increasing the cost of services to you.

Vest said...

We must consider ourselves lucky not to have a Peter Costello as treasurer, a combo of Abbot and Costello would be laughable.

Davoh said...

um, "Abbott and Bishop plays Hockey" .. heh.

Davoh said...

Oh, hello again Billy B. Nice t know that you remain alive.

Vest said...

What no vulgar utterance Bill?