Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Noah's Ark ????? (edited 28April2014: 22.12 AEST)

pied currawong

O, O O - Russell; What were you thinking? Have you sunk so low that you just take the money and run?

Where are the kangaroos? Red and eastern greys? Where are the potoroos, the koalas; dingos, the Tasmanian devils - thylacines? Wombats, bilbies? Gang gang and black cockatoos; galahs, platypus, and gliding possums?

Even your own home island species - kiwis, keas ....

Russell, how could you do this - and pretend it was real.

juvenile King Parrot


thimblerigsark said...

If you want to know what happened to the kangaroos, read "Thimblerig's Ark" (http://amzn.to/1hx3TGN). And I'm not even from down under!

Nate Fleming
author of Thimblerig's Ark

Davoh said...

Um, thankyou for commenting, Nate. The problem with discussing matters relating to "religion" and "faith" is that it is extremely complex.

As a third generation "Australian" - have always been fascinated by the fact that the three "predominant" religions and faiths originated in the Northern Hemisphere - and, according to the "ancient" written records derived from, and based around the "Mediterranean" sea - and if the Mediterranean "gods" (Judean, Christian, Muslim) are so powerful and "all knowing" - WHY is there no mention of anything relating to the SOUTHERN hemisphere - or the peoples who lived here?????

Even the 'seasonal' festivals are 'upside down'. i.e there is no snow, nor any likely to be, on 25th December. Similarly (while the festival of Oestrus (Easter) - is nowhere near spring.

Have also read that the 'legend' of "Noah's Ark" was also based on a previous, northern hemisphere legend about Gilgamesh.

Forgive my cynicism about anything relating to the Northern Hemisphere "Gods" or "saviours".

Vest said...

"Cor blimey stone the crows"
The trouble with faith is it is hard to swallow.
Only a Goose would Jump without a Parrot chute when god sez 'Go'
singing 'lark the heron apostlebirds sing martins to the mistletoebird penguin.

Davoh said...

... or travel by warship into an unknown land.
And find it good.

Vest said...

Did that in 44 and found it was good, and it came to pass he travelled again in a less provocative vessel a quarter of a century later with spouse and brood who found the place was good too, now and then or sometimes occasionly when not too depressed with srange goings on.......

Davoh said...

Keep the faith, Vestie. Who-ever WE are, believe in this complex entity of human beings with faith and trust in the intrinsic 'goodness' that i believe is inherent in ALL humans and animals on this rather unique "planet ark". Alone in the cosmos - so far.

thimblerigsark said...

Hi Davoh, sorry I haven't responded in a while. I didn't know my comment had received a reply. Thimblerig's Ark - while based on the Noah's Ark story - is not a religious story. It's fantasy, through and through. I hope you'll give it a chance!