Thursday, April 24, 2014

How do you know when a politician is "lying"??

Yep, at this stage, we all know the "Olde" joke -
Q; "How do you know when a politician tells lies?"
A; "their lips are moving".

There is, and has been some interest, in the definition of the John Howard comment ... ' well, there are core promises, and non-core promises'.
Apparently Tony Abbot - NOW Prime Minister, has taken that 'political' advice under advisement - and continues with it.

In Australian democracy - the tradition remains.  While in "opposition" (ie. not in power) - accuse the governing majority with any sort of real or manufactured LIES; while keeping the Media away from any of yer own.

However, if the 'tables are turned' - the 'governing' majority in the "House of Parliament" - CAN, and does; lie, cheat and steal ( i really do despair about the "dumbing down" of the Australian electorate.

Bah, humbug .... bring back benevolent dictators ............. heh.

and this is not the only clip ... search "Tony Abbot's lies" on youtube.

AND this was BEFORE the election.
OK, the tricky bit NOW - is that  why should anyone believe the -- "we are doing the best in Australia's interest" mantra ???

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