Monday, April 21, 2014


MMMMm ok, George Brandis ....

The "science" that planet earth actually revolved around qua minor "sun" in the greater cosmos was ... hopefully "generally accepted" by most of the "informed" population - Planet Wide (scientists? and not the illiterate? peasants?).

Oddly, George Brandis - there really ARE university educated humans living in this Country!
\The overwhelming experience, and 'records' -science, if that is necessary doesn't have to "prove" whether the Judean; the Muslin "god' exists.  All i know is that the weather has some uncomfortable changes - for Australia - in my lifetime.

The last time that "SCIENCE' had a small problem WAS back in the "middle ages' -Feudal -circa 1100 CE.

Remember Copernicus? Tycho Brahe? Back a bit -Archimedes?

Oh George; Tony - do really want me to 'don armour', find a percheron, and ride against you?\
Could you, Tony Abbot, George Brandis - ride against me in a truly "medieval" situation?
um, this image pinched from the internet. Just to prove a pount.

this one is recent and 'real'.


Davoh said...

Seriously - if George Brandis and Tony Abbot intend to take "Australia" back into medieval attitudes ... theremin i despair.'

Australia - as an individual eenity was 'born' in 1901 long after the 'Roman" empire.

Davoh said...

If that makes sense.

The Federal - Federated - concept of Australia began in 1901.

Th3e dingbats in the .... recent Australian capital tERRITORY seem to have forgotten that bit.

Davoh said...

yer .. i know - fingering, dingering; manipulating, a keyboard alphabetical s is not my favorite weapon perhaps, may be. Who knows who believes what?

Davoh said...

Interesting recent high profile public "punch up".

Why, am asking, were the "paparazzi" nearby?

Especially since the rumour suggests the "images" were sold for somewhere around $AU 200,000.00.