Friday, March 28, 2014

erk, real life person

ERK!   a real life person arrived on my doorstep today, on crutches!!..

Wanted to play 'chess' .. even brought his own 'real life' board and pieces.

"We're not allowed to discuss politicians or philosophy" he sez,
"OK", say i, no problem.

He won that first game ..... mainly because it has been 30 or so years wandering this rather extra-ordinary Island Continent  - engagaging and conversing with the populace ...

.. and it was somewhat astonishing to recently find a local who actually understands the history and concepts of the - one on one - human; board game "Chess".


Vest said...

A man Friday I presume.

Davoh said...

Yer, whatever ed)- am in NSW so the conversation (while we played) became a brief discussion about "Rugby". Meh,

It has been said before -

'A game between 'thugs' attempting to Gentlemen - and Gentlemen trying to be thugs ...meh.

"soccer" is, basically, true "football".

Vest said...

Then again there is 'Touch Football' when in play it is a foul to kick the ball???.

It is also totally presumptious of the Daily Telegraph to swamp the final 25% of their sporting garbage with inane pics of snarling tattooed and grossly overweight brain dead morononic thugby apes, believing we will be left in awe of these gawping goons.
Spose dem boofheads cud be oozed as human tanks in times of conflict. Or Dog Meat.