Thursday, April 24, 2014

paying for the Jetsons

Wow - Australia really IS working toward the concept of
Logans Run.
(did that link actually happen?)

OK, Joe Hockey .... am somewhat older than you.

Can wield a sword; in a medieval sort of swaging.

Will challenge you ... and George Brandis -and Tony Abbot - on a medieval
"field of honour".

Or ANY, field of honour.

(and yes "honour" - not the 'yu bute' yankee version).
... but 15 billion Au(or thereabouts) for some American fantasy aircraft at the the expense of our own people????).


Vest said...

It is the reason why they now worry about the payment of old age pensions. Can't have both.
The future for forthcoming OAP's is bleak.

Davoh said...

... perhaps 'emmigration' into the "Americas"? might be valid????

Davoh said...

Seriously, can think of more valid and effective ways to spend something in the range of $AU24 billion + ... on "defence".

Davoh said...

um, could perhaps build an 8ft high chain link fence along the coast from Broome to Darwin - topped with three layers of razor wire .... perhaps ... heh.

Davoh said...

Would give "job opportunities" to the the people in the North - as well as "job opportunities" to the blokes who used to build motor vehicles (but only if they are willing to "relocate").

Davoh said...

No, wait - that's 'Gina with the fat wallet's' territory, Oh well, not t' worry - $1.00 per hour should be enough .... heh. Just think of the increase in Tony Ribbit's "employment" numbers. WOW, almost a guarantee t' win the next election.