Sunday, March 23, 2014

um, i do, actually - remain alive

..  just that it's sort of difficult these days to get through the 'gurgle' "ye olde Blogger" 'sign ins' - especially since this blog uses a "unique" username - an email address that belongs to 2005, and no longer exists. Sheesh, how "unique" can a 'username' be????

Anyway, have negotiated the "lockouts" on this one - am wondering why i should bother - but hey, has been around since ... 2005? Gah; an internet eternity ago, apparently ..(and no, microsoft -  I DO NOT NEED YOU TO PREDICT WHAT I INTEND TO TYPE!!!!!).

so, yep, a couple of pics (images inspired) but collected on a camera carried by me.

yer, i know, gave my camera to someone else - just to prove that it was, actually ME there at the MARCH in MARCH protest in Katoomba, NSW  - heh (wearing my 'non power' tie).

Protest? um, long story. Do not have enough words (or passion) to write what i think about the policies of the current Australian Federal parliament.

There were many intelligent, witty, perhaps pertinent; 'protest' images ....

\... but will leave you with this one ....


Davoh said...

.. and yes, it seems that am almost becoming a 'real' male (fat gut).

Davoh said...

Oddly, am still not 'accepted' by the local males - needs to be 'bigger'. Gah, am losing my 'lean and hungry; Cassius' persona. Must be succumbing to the ravages (or complacency) of age ... heh.

Vest said...

Dyed in the wool immoveable locals I refer to as Dogmats.

Noticed at a local bakers strike recently were placards saying "BAN THE BUN" And