Saturday, March 15, 2014

Who breathes?

What does 'oxygen' mean to the reader? (yep, it's Called, in 'scientific' terms 'O'.
What is 'carbon'? In scientific terms it is "C'. An atom.
What happens when the 'C' atom connects to the 'O' atom?
CO. Carbon monoxide. Deadly.

There may be some among us who think that 'good'. Hey, a "connection".
Think again, children.

Carbon is what mining companies use for profit. Coal.
Dead trees, millions of years old.

OK, settle,  relax, breathe deeply. Clear your mind of all thought.
Concentrate on your diaphragm. can you feel it?
How do you breathe?

It's part of your body.
Find it within yourself.

Balance competitors. Your body needs oxygen and CO2.
Oxygen is an individual atom, seeking others.
Carbon atoms, released, also seeks others.

 We breathe CO2 as an ancient trigger for our lungs to 'breathe in'.
Breathe in Oxygen. Neither can exist without the other.

Can you imagine a planet where Carbon atoms overwhelmed the Oxygen atoms -
A planet where the only breathable air was - CO2.


Vest said...

Take your word for it Einstien. 'I just simply call it fresh breathable air'.
The South Easterly in particular like right now coming in from the Pacific Ocean into the quaint seaside hamlet of Bludgerwoi(spell check that) brings relief from the midday heat of 28Cel.

Nice to see you back.

Davoh said...

mm, there is always a comment that i heard recently ... 'try holding yer breath while ya count ya money'.

it could have been more 'elegantly' said .. but methinks it's an interesting image.

Davoh said...

OK, will repeat the "imperatives" and no these are not "political" -

A human being can exist -
Without oxygen - 3-5 minutes.
Without water - 3-5 DAYS.
Without food - debatable, probably about 3-5 WEEKS.

So, choose yer alternatives.

Davoh said...

um, not sure whether this is actually relevant, Vestie but yep. last week was attacked and someone began to physically crush my throat.