Sunday, March 23, 2014


yer, i know, perhaps a lazy post ..

.. and yep, thought it interesting at the time - still do.

Ah well .... how can a "thirtysomething" comprehend ideas that were "thirtysomething" before they were born
(rhetorical question - i.e. - don't bother to answer).


Vest said...

I have a shockingly good memory from around the age of four.
My problem in the main was I only succeeded in matters which were more of an interest to me, although the 11 plus was achieved after grudgingly being threatened by the cane or pecuniary penalties.

Davoh said...

Yer, well .. we are as we are, i guess. And i sort of vaguely remember attending a 'prestigious' bluestone College for 5 years or so, and receiving "six of the best" on my buttocks quite a few times - apparently didn't do me much good ... heh.

Davoh said...

um, in case of mis-understanding - it wasn't a 'prison'. It was, actually, a 'private' school - Scotch College, Adelaide; and which allowed me to attend at least one year of 'University'. Still, didn't do me much good - apparently.

Davoh said...

o, um, it might have. (back-thoughts)There was a rather extra-ordinary teacher of the joy of the language 'English'. Flexmore Hudson.
Peculiar bloke, and i remember him well (and no, wasn't him who administered 'punishment' that was the "Headmaster") .... heh.

Davoh said...

Also, a few of the 'links' in that post arrive at "server not found".

So, as of this date 24 March 2014.
this one remains available