Sunday, April 29, 2012

"I don't want to kill ....

mm, was listening to a  segment on the radio this morning about "cage fighting". The full sentence uttered by the young female 'contestant' was "I don't want to kill my opponent, just win".

Oh, really? I presume the gentle readers will have heard about the latest "big dollar" promotional opportunity "spectator sport" imported into Australia from ... well, you know where (can't think of enough disparaging epithets at the moment) apparently "gaining popularity", and if you've never heard of it, am sure you'll find details via any search engine.

Given that the "sport" the young, female, um, person, was referring to allows kicking, punching, choking ... well, apparently "no holds barred" (and  with very little 'protective' clothing) - the logic of her attitude escapes me.

Sounds a bit like a platoon of soldiers carrying grenades, and high power weapons walking into a situation - each and every one of them  with the thought "I don't want to kill ... just win".

Well, they probably do, but Hey - the odds are very high that somebody is going to end up prematurely dead (think about it).

Also, given the situation, one of the other sentences uttered by the young 'contestant' was "it also keeps me fit".

Mmmm, well; dunno about you lot, but can think of quite a few "single person", one on one, challenging sports that qualify for the "I don't want to kill ..." bit. Tennis, for one.

It's a "spectator sport"; keeps one fit, allows the opportunity to "win" large amounts of money - and there's a very low probability that your 'opponent' will end up dead, or seriously damaged.

Must be getting old, I guess.


Vest said...

I have always wondered why it took so long to train a kamikaze pilot.

John Myste said...

I am a fan of MMA, American, but it is the strategy that appeals to me. I have never liked boxing or any other blood sport.

Davoh said...

Um, John Myste - that comment doesn't make much sense. You say that you are a fan of Mixed Martial Arts, American. Ok, fair enough; not something that interests me, have, in fact, never heard of it. Strategy? mm, will have to avoid a comment on that bit, since have never seen it - but you then go on to say "I have never liked boxing or any other blood sport".


John Myste said...

MMA is a sort of cage fighting, but with rules.

I have never liked boxing or and other blood sport, i.e. any sport other than MMA.

Davoh said...

Oh, i see ... errrm, perhaps not quite; does one of the 'rules' in cage fighting prevent the 'drawing of blood', 'breaking of skin'?

John Myste said...

Blood is often drawn and skin often torn. As the martial arts are mixed, sometimes jujitsu ends the fight, and in that case, the losing contestant either goes unconscious or taps out.

lemmiwinks said...

You've been busy here Davo, I shall have to check in more often.

Bread and circuses mate. Any wonder with the "news" coverage these days (TV evening news makes my eyes water from the stupidity radiating from the screen, imagine the damage Monckton and his mining friends could do with their desired Australian version of Fox News) and the sorry state of political debate.

As to images being "an offense" (couple of posts ago), clearly it's the first one. You are operating an unregistered vehicle on road/place. Speaking from experience, that runs to $480something per offense namely "Operate unregistered vehicle on road/place", "Uninsured vehicle etc etc", "Not pay road tax" and one other one I can't remember.

Speaking of violence, here's a rhetorical question for you; what is the point of stricter firearms laws when attempting to restrain outlaw motorcycle gangs?

Dog whistling anyone? Woof!

Davoh said...

Hello Lemmi, long time no see - You spotted it. Though have to say that it's a miniscule speck; compared to the "offences" perpetrated by "the State" - but won't go much further with that topic (at the moment).

"News"? Mmm, methinks the world has gone crazy. "Police shoot teenagers/Bikies shoot each other (and the occasional bystander)/Federal Parliament controlled by unsubstantiated accusation and innuendo ..." etc. Not to worry, there's a couple of thousand American marines come to "save" us .. heh.

Makes me glad that am sitting up here on the hillside among the gum trees, in relative isolation (no TV)(and that could also mean 'isolated from my evolutionary relatives' ... heh).

OK, JM; whatever turns you on.

Violence? mmm, am thinking about a post on the "reptilian" part of our brain. Seems that we haven't come very far.

BBC said...

We've been killing each other for millions of years and the reality is that we are not going to stop killing each other.

Considering what our numbers have grown to I'm accepting it as an interesting form of population control to help keep our numbers down.

Of course I trump my odds with guns.

Vest said...

Natural attrition. bbc.
you should self help the cause

BBC said...

Vest, you mean I should start shooting people? Well, I've damn sure got enough bullets to shoot a bunch of them but it's just not my nature to do that.

BBC said...

American wrestling is a big joke, just a freak side show, I never watch it.

John Myste said...

American Wrestling is a big joke. It is fake choreographed performances. Let's not confuse this with MMA, which is not fake and not limited to Americans. It is Mixed Martial Arts, which often includes Brazilian Jujitsu, which is real wrestling, not fake.

Vest said...

Violent blood sports involving the liklihood of becoming a vegetable are totally unnecessary.
Learning how to to defend oneself is entirely different. even then it more than likely more necessary in an American scenario where Violence is commonplace where violence begat's more of the same.
Boxers who prostitute their health for wealth and or for recognition deserve the privilege of an early demise.

BBC said...

I've never been violent but I live in a violent country so I'm often surprised when I realize I'll be 69 in June.

On the other hand, 69 is a cool number, it's not like I haven't done that in the past. :-)

Davoh said...

American Wrestling is a big joke. It is fake choreographed performances.

let's not get into American "Foreign Policy" here ......

Billy B, as a child, had trouble comprehending mathematics.

1+1 = possible problematic progeny.
1+2 = negotiation.

2+2= a dinner party.

6x6 = warfare

Which the began to equal



Davoh said...

and yes, looking at it as the 'law of diminishing returns' ...

... and the microbiology ..

philosophically -
we're back

to "Adam and Eve".


Davoh said...

On the other hand - non 'mathematical" numbers .. 69, 99, 94,64,49 ... etc ...