Thursday, May 03, 2012

imaging imagination




BBC said...

Me thinks our imaginations are over active, but Einstein made good use of his, claimed it served him better than his education did.

Vest said...

Cannot imagine imaging imagingation, unless it is what could be referred to as constructive thought.

"What other barmy thoughts are you thinking, have you been on the Turps again"?

BBC said...

Cannot imagine imaging imagingation,

Are you on the Turps again? Hell, lets have a party.

Would please turn off word verification?

Davoh said...

WOT? Turps? Dunno about you lot, but self only uses turps (turpentine) to light the fire, am not that desperate - yet (mmm, thinks).

Word verification? Didn't know it was there, since this blog gives me full access. Turn it off? Nup.

I only posted a blank post to let the readers imagine what might be written - don't blame me if your imaginations are limited .... heh.

(and who was it that said 'genius' is 97% perspiration? Obviously not me - no sweat ... heh)

Davoh said...

Nah, there are a whole heap of Brit [crazy; inventive] blogs that am reluctant to add to the sidebar of this blog. Meh.