Saturday, April 21, 2012

This  post removed by author.  I, also, thought the images disgusting.


Anonymous said...


BBC said...

Geez, there goes my/our comments.

Vest said...

bbc, how is your lavatorial self today?
will bbc ever recover from an injection of decency?

BBC said...

Is there any reason why I should? Haven't you ever noticed what planet we are on?

It drives most of us to drink.

Davoh said...

Don't thank ME, "anony mouse". One out, all out. Am having a serious think about re-jigging the "comments" technicalities on this blog.

Am becoming seriously peeved.

Sorry about that BBC, wasn't your fault - you, at least, and Vest; have guts to "own up" to your statements and beliefs on a separate blog.