Saturday, May 07, 2011

who's rights are right

OK, have, mostly, for most of my life lived in "rental" properties.

So. Argument. Who "owns" the property.

have, in the past, been in discussion with people who think that they 'own' property, the land that they live on, fenced out and in, within, gain sustenance from. i say to them no, you do not 'own' this land .. what you have been sold is a piece of paper  .. may have cost you conceptual paper money. $10 ..100, 10000000, 10000000000000000000000000

How many zeros is the land worth?


Amias (ljm and liquidplastic) said...

Yes, I think this is very amusing.

I use to live in large house, thinking I owned them when in actually I was just paying rent and taxes, etc. I discovered a long time ago that no one own land ... even if they think they did, our government have the mortgage on it ... and they can take away your beliefs of what you own, at their whim.

Then again, it's the person in power, who has the paper to pay to enforce those power that can safety "believe" they own the land.

I am happy to say I am a renter, it's cheaper, and I can move anywhere I can afford .... at my own whim, like a nomad.

John Myste said...

I am not a renter. I bought my first home about three years ago. It makes no economic sense. You will always have to pay insurance, taxes, and up keep, which will be close to the cost of rent anyway. You are trapped in the location and, of course, you have to pay the mortgage. In American, you get a slight tax deduction, and for many years you get about 100.00 per month in equity if the value does not drop.

You don’t own the property. The government does. You will find that out if you fail to pay property taxes. I like the freedom I have to do with that plot of land and that house as I please. It makes it all worth it, so far. If I were single, I would sell it tomorrow.

Gerry said...

Capitalism without property ownership is like an elephant without legs.

What are you like at communal living, Davo?

Davoh said...

'what am i like at communal living?' O .. Gerry, you DO ask awkward questions. The short answer to that question would be .. FAIL!
Am much more comfortable as a 'loner'.

(which probably makes me somewhat of a hypocrite).

Davoh said...

..and a further thought .. if it can be argued that "the government" owns the land ... and in a so-called "democracy" where, theoretically "we, the people" own the 'government' surely "we, the people" own the land.

In practical (and real) terms - "he who wields the biggest weapon" has the tendency to "own" the land.

Davoh said...

. and 'tis a sad comment; not one person noticed, commented that there is a difference between 'who's' - and 'whose'.

Gerry said...

GlobalCorp owns the government.

GlobalCorp owns the people.

GlobalCorp is god.

Consume. Be silent. Die.