Monday, May 09, 2011

blasted heath

um, no .. not referring to an expired actor ..

this ..

.. though had better give some sort of background. One of the things that i find fascinating about photography, is that i can 'choose the frame'.  There is a "State forest" nearby, pinus plantations which are 'farmed', so i guess that there is some sort of 'economic necessity' for them. In the background is an 'electricity generation' factory. Have no idea whether the 'plumes' are smoke, or steam .. but once again - economic necessity.

Not, in my opinion, a 'pretty picture'.

Much prefer to see, experience; something like these ..

.. which have no 'economic' value .. unless these, also, are turned into a 'blasted heath'.


Vest said...

Could be Mt Piper Power station.
Uses fresh water and bitumen coal by conveyer from adjacent mine.

If the Simpson desert was completely covered with solar panels we could power the world.

Davoh said...

Nup, not Mt Piper. And as for solar power .. dunno .. have just been listening to an ABC program about "wind power" which seems to be the most expensive per Kwh, and a bit controversial, to produce (at the moment).

can't help wondering what the 'horse and buggy', and the 'clipper ship', people thought about Mr Watt's steam engine .. heh.

Didn't stop it, though.

Davoh said...

.. am pondering whether i can come up with a recipe for "zero stew", "profit pancakes" or "pinecone cake" - plenty of that about .. am not exactly averse to being rich.

Vest said...

Might be Liddel or Bayswater power stations in your neck of the woods.

I am neither poor or wealthy but could survive with much less than I have if it were not for dearly beloved.

Gerry said...

I'm told the plumes are steam. But they always look sinister, eh?

Davoh said...

sinister? mm. I do have another pic of the same installation where the plumes reminded me of a nuclear explosion. Will see if i can find it. Can't actually "set these things up" as have to rely on the "weather conditions at the time" (and god doesn't always listen to little old me .. heh)