Saturday, May 07, 2011

mad bastards

um, OK, haven't been posting much of late as my $800.00 laptop with Windows 7 installed keeps giving me "blue screen error" messages.

Have, however, decided to revert to an "ancient technology" - dig around in a not very deep pocket and purchase a 'box' with Win XP pro installed.  Only $300.00 from an interesting asian person.

Can, now, connect my 'ancient' Canon HDV miniDV tape-record video camera and have the system 'recognise' it  (geez, only 5 years old) ..

Will, however, keep the laptop to see what's happening on "the internet" and check emails .. but there is no way that i want to plug the 'big box' into it. Too much crap out there. Ah, the costs of 'connecting'.

Can, of course, still remember how to tie the laces on a pair of walking boots, and wander dirt roads, 'old growth' forests; and places where noisy 500cc knobby tyred motor bikes can't go.

..Oh.. the heading comes from something else that have recently noticed on the "internet"

Haven't actually 'seen' it yet, but looks interesting.

(and yes, i did begin with the title 'crash dump' as anyone with the nous to find Gaggles cache, but sort of changed it halfway through the writing of -and please,, yep, the dangling is  .. heh) 


Davoh said...

.. and yes, Gerry .. this post is 'disconnected'. too many things to 'summarise'.

Davoh said...

.. or 'autumise' if that makes sense.

Davoh said...

.. oops, mistyped .. autumnist?