Tuesday, May 17, 2011

OK Smartiepants

Who changed my profile pic?
Own up ( email me)

(be nice to know "how"; but if you tell me who, or indeed "why" - I might put the image 'upfront', if that makes sense).


Anonymous said...

Not Me

Davoh said...

Not me, either .. and what happened to the pic of the fireplace?

Davoh said...

mm, OK Anon - Statcounter and Feedjit lists you as coming from 'Sydney' (not that i believe either of them) and the image (which have removed) seems to be advertising something in Melbourne .. mmm

Gerry said...

To hack your blog, they must crack your password. If they've done that, then you can look forward to heaps more interesting times.

But I doubt that's what's happened.

I vaguely recall having my pic disappear on me a few years ago.

If I recall correctly, I did something stupid when editing my profile. For the life of me I can't remember how I fixed the problem, but I think Blogger Help was where I found the answer eventually.

Davoh said...

Gerry, i haven't been near the profile page for weeks, perhaps months, and there is no logical reason for me to put that pic in place of the one that's been there for quite some time. Had no idea that that event was happening, until i noticed the change of pic. Blogger, however, has be 'playing up' and there have been strange, unpredictable things happening on my laptop, so am taking it in for 'diagnosis. Have also changed the password.

Did think of closing Womby's drivel to 'invitation only', but will leave it as is for the time being.

Gerry said...

So, let's see this pesky pic. You've got us sitting on the edge of our seats.

And for my two bob's worth, if you make your blog "members only", that's the fastest way I know for arriving at blogoblivion. Don't do it. It's the blogger's version of incest.

On the other hand, if you're talking about comment moderation, then that's not quite so bad. Still off-putting for some commenters, but probably not a fatal move.

But I would disallow "anonymous" posts.

No charge for this advice. :-)

Gerry said...

Dearest Davo,

This bit from this blog's sidebar bothers me:

"If ya wanna argue, strip off and stand in my backyard where i can see ya, and understand 'body language'. All else is philosophical dilettantism. heh."

Are you saying that you prefer to resolve differences with physical violence and that you don't see the point of "talking it out"?

Oh, I'm sorry... Perhaps I should be standing naked in your back yard and using "body language" to discuss this?

I'm confused...

lemmiwinks said...

Sounds rather like Davo is up for a bit of Turkish oil wrestling sans 3/4 length pants!

This is why I don't like webcams ;-)

ljm (Amias and Liquidplastic) said...

I hope your photo reappear, as I loved it ... it was filled with so much knowing and mischievousness.

Gerry said...

Oh stop your sulking and post something ya old wooss!

Gerry said...

I've emailed Davo to ask if he's OK, but have had no reply.

Can anyone confirm he's OK?

His silence is a bit worrying.

Gerry said...

I just got a phone call from Davo (I had misplaced his number)to say he's had technical problems (he still can't blog), and that he is fine.

Sorry if I panicked anyone.