Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Snow day

[under edit and updated  re-edited: 16th]
mm, yep, know that there are a few people who think that am losing my mind .. but - the  photos in the previous post were taken last Monday .. woke up this morning to this ....

[click fer a bit bigger'ns]
A light dusting began on the afternoon of a Tuesday day in May ..

.. and since it gets dark at around 5.30pm these days, tend to go to bed and sleep at about 7.30pm (why should i waste resources).

Woke up at 4am Wednesday,  felt a bit chilly, decided to get some more wood from shed,  opened door and ..
 Oooer, rubber boot time (which, by the way, were found at the local dump  'waste transfer station' - a pair of perfectly servicable, size 8 Blundstones, no leaks).  Went to shed, collected more wood (which had been chainsawed  chopped prepared previously .. ), re-lit ancient slow combustion heater, extricated thermal underwear and ski snow clothing that had been quietly hiding in various cupboards and storage containers since somewhere back in the 1980's (Buller, Hotham, Falls Creek) .....

Waited for some illumination  light (first pic), then wandered around the locality ..

Felt a need to share, but had to get the ladder out ..

since satellite interconnection is obviously 'weather dependent'.

Had, of course, been scooting  walking in and out of the house all morning waiting for a break in the leaden  cloud laden sky  .. but while yes, have heaps of photos this morning, 'twill take time to process them. Hopefully, will get one with sunshine.

In the meantime, i come back and sit close to here.

but the lassie bitch  female canine is a bit bemused..

and the local postal contractor might be delayed ..

and yep, the trees had a slight problem. Heard the 'cracK! - swoosh, 'thump' of bigger branches than these.
(perhaps Australian 'branches' are thinly spread, haven't quite the strength to withstand "European"  northern hemisphere assault?)

Decided that this might be a 'good food day', so .. 
decided to cook up a stew for sustenance ..

.. but unless readers think that am rich enough to afford to 'switch on' the rather fancy electric 'four hotplate' stove and oven in the background ..

the little 'campmaster' costs me about $AU1-00 per week to cook things with .. heh.
(not only that, know exactly how much it costs, week by week, and do not have to wait three months to see what sort of 'account' the electricity profiteer  'retailer' expects me to pay).

..  it's always wise to take care on the roads

.. and yep, totally puerile and pissweak .. but have always wanted to do this ..

[will probably edit this, add a few more pics - is the most exciting thing that's happened around here, for a while]


Link said...

Nice drop.

Link said...

Or maybe that's a 'fall'--also happens when you're legless.

Vest said...

You must be approx 100K's by crow from here which is a sunny 13 C.

Jayne said...

You be careful up that ladder!
Great pics but that last one of the wood heater is my fav ;)

Vincent said...

I'm rather shocked, didn't think it happened in OZ. (More shocked at my own ignorance, I suppose.) I like the wood heater pic too.

Gerry said...

I get the shivers just looking at those pics. Great pics, Davo.

Davoh said...

Apologies good people .. for some reason Gurgle didn't want me to sign in again until now.

Good comment, Link .. heh, but my little leggies were quite busy today.

Vest .. yep, somewhere near Portland (is that Central Highlands?)(and i did make an error - i thought the name of the power station was something else) Always amuses me when listening to the Syddley weather reports, then have a squizz at the thermometer near the back door.

Careful? Jayne. Who, me?

tch tch Vincent, shocked? Have to admit that i was a little 'surprised', since the previous three days were actually quite warm and sunny. Well, relatively warm - night time temps usually hover around the 3-4C, with day times at about 12-15C, but we did have a day of snow in October last year. This lot had mostly melted by 4pm.

Glad you liked them Gerry, have some better ones coming.

Anonymous said...

Wow, snow in May. Last time I saw snow was ... about 35 years ago. Though my memories of it are quite vague, I did get my photo in the local newspaper and have a copy for prosperity & an aid to early onset senility.

Davoh said...


Davoh said...

go away, come back next week. this post is under edit .. construction?

Link said...

THE ONLY exciting thing that will happen around 'dem parts. Enjoy there may be more yet.

Davoh said...


Davoh said...

Link: is that threat .. or a promise?

Vest said...

Just called and can see your fire burning bright.