Tuesday, April 12, 2011


from this ...

...to this.
Oh, wow ..
The camera is a Canon SX30IS, purchased from Ryda dot com, located in Sydney NSW. 'Twas a pleasure to do business with them. Phone calls and emails answered quickly (and in an accent that i could understand).

Highly recommended.

All i have to do now is figure out what all the little buttons and dials on the camera actually do.

[PS: the author of this blog is not a 'family member' of Ryderdotcom, has no 'business interest' or investments. Just a happy customer].


John Myste said...

Can you take a really large picture of Davo and post it here?

Oh, and a picture of Australia from space would be interesting.

Can you take a picture of what a unicorn / giraffe hybrid would look like if there were such a thing?

I don’t have a very good camera or I would do it myself.

Davoh said...

JM ... there are 'sensible' comments, sometimes even 'wise' or 'witty' comments. Self has a 'comment'
policy of not deleting (unless they reveal my location), and just let them reveal the writer.

In my opinion - that one just comes across as simply stupid.

John Myste said...

You flatter me, sir.

lemmiwinks said...

They can compose emails with an accent? I am impressed!

Davoh said...

Nah, Lemmi, they dint aktully 'write' in accents, but replies were factually terse.

Davoh said...

JM, yer welcome. just try to not test my patience .. heh.