Thursday, April 14, 2011

HMAS Adelaide

A proud ship.

HMAS Adelaide.

 Rest, in Peace.


Gerry said...

An instrument of war. A major player in the policing of those inhumane and crippling sanctions imposed on Iraq by the US.

An instrument of our toadying up to the US empire.

I feel no pride at all.

But I am pleased a good, non warlike use has finally been found for it.

Swords into plowshares and all that...

BTW, the word verification for this comment is "upudav"

Interesting, no?

Davoh said...

Gerry, this blog was never really set up to "argue" any point - one way or the other.

"upudav" .. mm, 'groogs' knows too much and plays silly games .. but also have to mention that there are (or were) a couple of real life "bully boys" practising 'intimidation' on me, one is still in the vicinity (apparently tries 'chicken' farming), and gave me a very obvious 'one finger salute' as he drove past. However, his primary support 'offsider' was never 'popular' among the locals, has his house for sale and moved elsewhere so unless, or until, he finds another one of the ilk to support him .. self will remain quietly ensconced.

Davoh said...

PS, it did take a helluva lot of 'lobbying' to get all the 'detrimental' material out of that warship. On the other hand, considering that not everyone is sensible and peaceful - some sort of 'defence' has to be kept under the radar.

Vest said...

I wonder how soon the first diver will fall victim in this shark dining area.

Davoh said...

mm, how soon will it be to become a "shark exclusion zone" .. "declare war on sharks!!!"

Vest said...

This is Absolutely true.
During February 1947, I caught my first shark at Bathurst, (read about it)

Davoh said...

.. oh, OK, package received. Am still on the first chapters ;-D