Thursday, March 31, 2011

Alternative nutcases

OK, the title is deliberately  misleading. However, one of my favourite blokes to listen to is Phillip Adams on ABC Radio National "Late Night Live" - though sometimes fall asleep before the 10pm timeslot, can catch up with it at 4PM the following day [yer, i know, sort of illogical - late night live at 4pm].

While there has been an astonishing array of subjects covered over his 20 years on this program, this one also sort of caught my attention enough to mention it on a post.

Am not sure whether there is a transcript available as yet .. but why not just summon some increasingly rare patience (and tranquility) to just sit .. and listen.

[nah, not, at this point, going to give a clue as to what it's about]


John Myste said...

MM, I have so sound on my computer, so I downloaded it to listen one day!

Anonymous said...

I am completely out of touch with steam radio. Er and I usually nod off about 1030pm during a seen three times before movie on Fox Tel.

Vest said...

Not sure what happened, last comment was from Vest

Vincent said...

I love the late-night mellow voice of Phillip Adams. There is nothing like this on BBC Radio 4, which I frequently argue with during the day, for a myriad reasons.

I must check out this ABC Radio National. Any other programmes you would recommend? Conversations with Richard Fidler for example?

The conversation on Wave Energy goes on and on, in its inconsequential and genial way, & reminds me of a certain phone-in programme on Jamaican radio.

Radio 4 by contrast is in permanent hype mode.

Davo said...

This link ABC Science should keep you interested for a while, Vincent - though "the spirit of things", "Ockham's razor" and "by Design" are just a few of the other fascinating programs.