Sunday, March 27, 2011

Playing with words

has been around on the internet
OK, i pinched it from guv-gen

There is an oldish joke, somewhere ..

Politician: Trust me, I'm a Country member.
Voice from the crowd: Yep, we remember.

[look it up]


lemmiwinks said...

Had to read that one twice. Got it eventually though. Heh!

Vest said...

Could a bina former recycled and rebadged labour joke.

Davo said...

[quote from somebody else]
Don't vote .. it only encourages 'em.

John Myste said...

I feel stupid. I did not get it :(

Davo said...

Ah, 'tis one of those Australian 'verbal' jokes. Ya hafta say it to 'get it'.
(PS JM, don't you ever sleep? According to my 'world time' clock it's latenight yesterday in your part of the planet).

John Myste said...

I try to get 5 - 6 hour per night. Sometimes I don't succeed. On weekends, I make up for it (sometimes). It is not yet 11PM here.

I said. It rhymes well, but, thus far, that is all I know.

lemmiwinks said...

Dear John, run the words "country" and "member" together, but with heavy emphasis on the first syllable of the first word. Without giving too much away, bear in mind what it might be that the voice from the crowd is remembering.

'Tis in the best tradition of Australian humour. Very subtle and horribly rude :-)

John Myste said...

O' my dear Lord! I think I get it. I am just an innocent young man, sir. My pure mind refused to go there.

Either that, or I don't get it, and I am utterly perverted.

lemmiwinks said...

Sounds to me like you got it!

Davojh said...