Sunday, April 03, 2011

Fairies in front

Some people have fairies at the bottom of the garden, I have them in the front. Well, Fairy Wrens. Haven't seen them since December 2009, at Sofala NSW. Had been listening to a recent program on ABC Radio National (can't find the link) about the severe depletion of the small "scrub" birds, so; it was with some joy to see them again.

They were very shy, so was difficult to capture them on camera. I first noticed the females (there were three), pottering about in the grass in the front yard about a week ago - but eventually spotted the male.
Female Superb Blue Wren

male Superb Blue Wren

Superb Blue Wren (Malurus cyaneus)

And, just as an info update addendum; have diligently saved some money and put in an order for a Canon SX30IS with a 30X zoom lens. But, according to the "internet shop" located in Sydney NSW, there is some (understandable) difficulty getting supplies from Japan at this time. 


John L said...

The depletion has certainly occurred around this way (Kapunda) and is to be blamed entirely on cats. Wrens nest close to the ground in shrubs and undergrowth, in easy reach of predatory cats.

Davo said...

It's a bit more complicated than that JohnL .. much of it has to do with depletion of habitat. Am sort of fortunate to be surrounded by somewhere in the region of 1500 acres of 'natural', 'original' bushland.

It is, however "Crown land" - whatever that may mean - not "National Park", so all that also may well fall to 'economic imperatives'.