Tuesday, January 11, 2011

A puzzle

I will publish this this morning, since have been sitting by the warm and cosy wood heater playing with the "speech recognition" software on the laptop. It is a "collaborative" effort between me and the computer - but will leave it up to the reader to figure out the relative contribution between 'silicon chip' programming; and the "fuzzy logic" of human thought.

The North East wind a blows
And shows, that whether the weather
Will change, or range
Across the continents
Of  world sentiments;
In and whether the end of four or more
Will grow in the mind of new meander full
Flat earth mind We'll find All of a kind.
The changing times remind
Other bygone ages rages of saviours save you
sages; ancient philosophers have got no
Warm-now, for more than four Martin, forgotten.
Noah saw the writing on the wall and took used by road
To ararat Arafat Palestine holyrood his brood.
Animals to buy two, or one, or a dozen
Frozen in one, boiled elsewhere.  Four square.
When planner dark is flooded with CEO two
Where will we take the Arc.


John L said...

Davo, you should go back to Coopers Pale.

Davo said...

Nah John - at some stage (or on some stage) will revert to 'Coopers Dark' .. heh.

On the other hand, have been reading up about Mead. Interesting long term project.

Vest said...

Easier to comprehend Lears Dong W T L N.

Davo said...

Who knows.
a nose is a nose
by any other name
and my dong has long since
lost it's glow
in the juice of quince;
and so,
once it rose;
now all the same.

Anne Johnson said...

The faeries are loving this.