Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Yes, there are times when i get all self indulgent and weepy. Especially at this time of year, when all around me 'families' are celebrating..

It took most of my life to find her, and we shared but a brief 14 years. She's gone,now. Dead. Cannot call her back.  It may sound somewhat soppy, and 'tis difficult to explain - but i loved her with all my heart, and whatever a 'soul' i possess. She died in a turmoil of torment, not created by me, but by the Roman church indoctrination; and i will never forgive them; for that.

I remain, as always, a Pagan.

T' faith o t' faithers eternal
if i could but find an heir
in the air of Eire

Cheers, Bernie - hope that you found your peace.


Jayne said...

A beautiful momento to a lovely soul.

Davo said...

and yes, her buudy is teeken. Burried in neetive ground..

Davo said...

Jayne, dunno at this point .. will have to scrimp and save, see if i can afford airfare to Ireland.

Davo said...

.. and believe me - she aint no saint .. heh.

wizard said...

May her memory be a blessing.

I join you in despising that institution that warps the imaginations and ruins the hopes of so many by its schemes and memes of thought control. I am blessed to have a living love. And she too is a product of the Catholics in a way. Pagan but certain as hell that there are fairies and many other influences and powers supernatural. I think you can reject the church doctrine and still be stuck with their kind of metaphysics.

And on a totally different subject...are you in a dry place?

Davo said...

Hello wizard; yep, any discussion about the Roman religion is very complicated, due to 1700 years of indoctrination - and the fact that it incorporates quite few "other" myths and legends into the doctrine. One of the reasons the 'spin' doctors on Mons Vaticanus named it "catholic" (universal) - and one of the reasons the Roman religion is synonymous with "hypocrisy" .. heh.

Am i in a dry place? er, yes and no. Am in central highlands NSW, so no flooding - but has been chilly and mistily raining for the past few days (am from S.A. so this sort of weather at the height of summer is .. er, unusual).