Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Meanwhile, back at the farm ..

Eastern Spinebill
Ah, well, not actually a 'farm', a bituvva backyard.

There was a comment from 70+ some time ago asking to have a look at my menagerie. Well, now that the photo upload seems to work,  here's some.
This is one of the King parrots.

King parrot
(crimson) Blue-cheeked rosella

Sulphur crested cockatoo
crest up

Pied Currawong

in flight
two kookaburras

Top-knot pigeon

Well, that'll have to do for now, am still trying to figure out how this "updated" bluggy editor and "photo add" thingamijiggy works.


lemmiwinks said...

Good stuff. Have recently embarked on a project to entice bees and birds into the garden (previously didn't really have one, just a thicket of weeds I would mow when it irritated me sufficiently).

Got a veggie patch? While we're making requests, would love to see some photos. ;-)

Davo said...

Mmm, there is an apple tree in the backyard here lemmi. Was having a chat with one of the locals. tells there will be few apples this year; no bees.

Anonymous said...

Blue cheeked Rosella. Pah.Crimson Rosella. Bloody suthernr

Davo said...

Oh, Hi Chookie ..

lemmiwinks said...

As you may know, apples generally need a pollinator to really perform. I just bought a dwarf pink lady that bears full size fruit (have sweet tooth, love those apples). It's a self pollinator, but a crab apple, granny smith etc as a pollinator is the business. I think some stone fruit like peach and nectarine may also do.

Think we may already have a crab apple so that takes care of that (plus I bought the one with the most fruit already on it).

John L said...

Used to have the occasional Eastern Spinebill here in Kapunda but haven't seen one for years. Too many bloody cats.

Davo said...

OK Anon. Yes, it's an adult 'crimson' blue cheeked rosella (Platycercus elegans) - as distinct from the 'yellow' blue-cheeked rosella or the 'Adelaide' blue-cheeked rosella.