Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Intriguing mysteries

Um, having 24/7 access to the internet is becoming rather fascinating. (yer, I know, should be out in the garden planting stuff).

Have just come across this intriguing mystery. There is a picture (and video, apparently) of what looks like a missile contrail off the Californian coast, but nobody knows (or claims to know) what caused it, or who fired it - Pentagon claims "probably aircraft".

Will just put some links in for the longish stories
However, the bit that really intrigues me is that have no mention of it in Australian news - but that's not surprising, do not have TV or access to daily papers, only radio. Has anyone else in Australia seen any mention?

Not only that, I tried to have a squizz at the video, but uTube informs me that "this video is not available in your country" ????? Since when have uTube gone in for "censorship"?

UPDATE: ooops, dunno which video that i was trying to access - but there are heaps of versions on uTube.
hopefully this one works. (that'll teach me to go off 'half cocked').

Haven't studied this in much detail, as yet, but am wondering if this article  has something to do with it (musn't frighten the locals?)

Will try to spend some more time fossicking - and yup, have set up another blog - and further updates
to try and follow up on this; will keep Womby's drivel to itself.


lemmiwinks said...

Stick to the garden Davo. In gardening bullshit is a welcome addition, but sadly on the internet it causes only nutjobs to flourish, vis a vis this unfortunate woman: http://j.mp/biA8Q0

Now, if you have any advice as to why my corn seedlings, while growing (albeit slowly) are resolutely yellow instead of a nice green I'd love to hear it. I don't think they're lacking in bullshit, I spruik ample quantities on a daily basis ;-)

Davo said...

Um, will have to be careful, now that i have 24/7 access, went off a bit half cocked. Did find some versions of the video. Oh well, ain't the internet fascinating.

Have just planted out some of my corn seedlings as well - perhaps should stay away from all this "mysterious" stuff and just become corny .. heh. Aaand, don't take my word for it - but yellowing sounds like lacking in nitrogen (the "N" in "PNK").

Jayne said...

About to plant some heirloom multicoloured corn seedlings, hope yours is a good 'un, too :)

lemmiwinks said...

Ta Davo. Have ample potassium nitrate from making home made sugar rockets (you could waste days on Youtube looking at videos of that) but may have to return to my favourite rural supplies store for some big N.

Also, results turned up by a popular search engine tell me that they may be suffering from over watering (I was diligently watering them every morning thinking it was the right thing to do, oh well the road to hell is paved with good intentions as they say). Might check the PH of the clay pan that passes for soil roundabouts too.

Hope to branch out to heirloom breeds in the future, for now mine was an impulse buy from Woollies. Who could resist 6 seedlings for $3 (or whatever it was) ;-)

lemmiwinks said...

Oh, BTW, that missile launch? That was me. Potassium nitrate and icing sugar! :-P