Monday, July 26, 2010


I may have given the impression that have 'fallen off the edge' of the communication planet.

Not so.

While yes, am "out of range" of the telstra USB wireless modem, that doesn't mean that I can't drive the 12K to collect the "newspapers" every Saturday .. nor does it mean that i can't take the laptop 1/2K up the hill to check the "internet" every now and then..
I do, actually, try to keep informed of developments, political or otherwise, and some things make me annoyed enough to respond.

So, in reply to a rather peculiarly biassed comment placed on Womby's drivel in the previous post - will just say this.

While yes, some "immigrants" may well be "anti Labor"; "Liberal" and enjoy the benefits of living in Australia while whinging about how "good" it should be - or "bad" because it never gave "benefits" as befitting their presumed previous "traditional" "station" in life..
think on this -

Meself wonders what would happen if i put the "you" back into "Labor"?
One "immigrant" family produced a female who, by education and due diligence, may well be the next "elected" Prime Minister of this Nation.
Who knows, perhaps one day we might end up with an "indiginous" head of state .. wry heh.
While yes, am not going into the details of the 'why's' and wherefores that this should be at this time; it is, and should be.

Politicians and policies come and go. This nation, and the people within it, survive.
Whether you like it or not, Australia has a unique opportunity in the Southeastern Asian area to allow this.
We do, at this point of time, have a clear choice. Between those who care for the welfare of all Australians (however difficult that might be, in the long run) - or those who live in the interest and financial pockets of
"Big Business" (more than likely 'American').

We have, so far in recent history, squandered many unique opportunities to lead by example; to be "first*". Do not squander this one.

[*Old English .. fyrst; .before]


Jayne said...

I shall be common and state that Joolya would look ripper bewdy in Budgie Smugglers and Toe-knee can't pull the chickybabes for love nor money.
Good to see you're still alive ;)

lemmiwinks said...

"Gonorrhea Lectim" Heh, it'll make precious little difference either way since both sides pander to big business and the obsession with "growth growth GROWTH, consume consume CONSUME!!!" anything less is unspeakable, unthinkable, unpatriotic!

Spend some time atop your hill watching this if you can Davo (BTW the image of someone perched on a beautiful grassy knoll (no, not that one) with a laptop on their knees amuses me). Arithmetic, Population and Energy. Refreshingly spin-free, there are no grey areas in simple arithmetic :-)

Vest said...

Nice to know you are back.
Iv'e been a wobbling on my perch a bit lately.
Off for Ultra sound at 2pm on the starboard spherical on my flinders bar and adjacent plumbing.
Somehow I still have a clear head, thinking more of erections than elections.

Vincent said...

Hi Davo, glad to hear from you. I don't have the vote in your election and can only guess what advice you are giving in your penultimate paragraph.

Me, I'd vote on sentiment for the party with the immigrant female prime-ministerial candidate.

Anyway, aren't you all immigrants, with the honourable exception of the indigenes?

Labor or Labour? Don't tell me you have succumbed over there to american spelling! I would vote for the party which spells it labour, but not necessarily for the labour party.

JahTeh said...

I have Davo on the phone and he will back on line as soon as he gets a new laptop, internet connection and stops fighting with Telstra.

His dog is doing well.