Sunday, June 06, 2010

Am on the move

Just a quick post. Am moving, haven't checked to see whether internet available. Might be a slight pause in posting.


Anne Johnson said...

Sending the sunshine back to you, and with it the high temperatures.

Anonymous said...

Ah; seasons come, seasons go. Seems to be some sort of cosmic thingo .. heh.


Anonymous said...

(internet systems are fucked up .. have to communicate in person.)


Vest said...


The Health Department has issued a warning about a new virulent strain of a highly infectious disease.

The disease is called Gonorrhea Lectim.

It’s pronounced “Gonna re-elect ‘em,” and it is a terrible risk to us all.

The disease is contracted through dangerous and high risk behaviour involving putting your cranium up your rectum.

Many victims contracted it when they elected the Rudd Labor Government ... but now most people, after having been infected for the past 3 years, are starting to realize how destructive this sickness can be, particularly the latest strain to emerge: the Gillard Labor Government.

It’s sad because Gonorrhea Lectim is easily cured with a new drug just coming on the market called Votemout.

You take Liberal amounts of Votemout as soon as it becomes available (probably late August) and simply don’t engage in such risky behaviour again; otherwise, it could become permanent and eventually wipe out all life as we know it.