Saturday, February 20, 2010

still hangin' about

Have, of course, gone somewhat quiet since am attempting to save for a new set of tyres for the Holden wagon - somewhere in the region of $500.00.

This requires sitting still, spending little.

Always helps, I guess, if one is sitting still for a couple of weeks, spending little - in places such as these.


Davo said...

Am, of course, using the word "spend" in the pallid-faced, sparse hairline, tied-by-neck, , 'company accountant' terms of reference.

Me an' me dog go for very long walks.
She chases rabbits, hasn't caught one yet and am not desperate enough to teach her how. She is, however, being taught that the local 'wildlife' and domesticated animals are not to be chased or pestered.

Vest said...

Remembering rushing from school in the summer (U/K)thirties, horses and binder circumnavigating the final section of the crop of wheat oats or barley. rabbits holed up in the centre and us with sticks waiting for their desperate bid to escape being tomorrows dinner.

Davo said...

Ah, Vest, an earlier and simpler age.

Have chosen to let the dog chase rabbits, since they used to be Australia's greatest imported feral pests - and from my point of view 'fair game'. However, with 'scientific' advances in 'pest control' - not too many rabbits around. Cane toads are next. (dunno what to do about hoons doing wheelies .. perhaps more needs to be spent in schools .. heh)