Monday, November 02, 2009

Learning to swim

Wazzat out there? Driftwood?

better take a closer look ..

Errr, nup, looks like .. a ..
Eeeek, am floating, what happens now?

Ok, have constructed this brief scenario. Happened the other day. Up until recently Abbey hasn't quite known how to swim. She will go into the water, but only until she feels her feet lose grip with terra firma - then scurry, bounding, on hind legs back to shore. This was the first time that she 'headed out into the unknown'.

The seal, of course, just gave her a casual glance, rolled over, dived; and reappeared some 300 yards out to sea. Abbey found herself out of her depth; swimming. She looked back at me. I shrugged; OK, I signalled, come back, it's OK.