Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Aha. Google is 'all powerful'. Not only do they promise much .. also can't just simply "copy 'N' paste" ANYMORE. Gaaah! End up with some sort of "full disclosure". ooops.


Davo said...

Do I know this bloke .. no, never met him, dunno anything about him; apart from what he writes.

Davo said...

(there is, actually, some other thing s about Gurgle that discomforts me .. but that will have to wait).

goatman said...

Try highlighting if it is text you desire, then do control-c to copy it to your browsers memory. Go to "notepad" on what probably is your windows system: (start-programs-accessories), then do control-v to copy it to notepad. Then you can print or store as you wish. If it is an image you want, right click on it and name it before it goes to your computer.
Let me know how this works or if I explained it adequately.

Davo said...

Er, Goatman .. yep, you explained it adequately. Doesn't mean that I actually 'understand' what you wrote though .. heh. 'Tis one of the facets of the language 'English' that gives me endless fascination.

What I meant to convey in this post was that just 'running the cursor' over somebody elses post; and clicking 'copy', then 'paste' - sort of transferred the whole thing - intact - into my blog and makes it look as if I actually 'created' it. I didn't.