Friday, September 04, 2009

further updates on "the girl"

She's getting bolder. Had never heard her speak "bark". Was sitting in the van reading a book this afternoon when I hear a deep throated "Woof, woof woof .. Grrrrr", from outside. Went out for a look. Apparently some bloke was walking along the road looking for a "lost" whippet. Mmm. We're learning.

We're learning lots, at this point. Am learning that she has a mind of her own. In the early stages, would "throw" things. Bits of stick, pine cones. She wasn't interested. Sometimes refuses to get into the motor vehicle. Also chews things. Have no idea where she gets them from, but now have an array of "ancient" bones outside the van. Bought her some tennis balls. Hoo boy. She likes them. Chases, picks them up, romps with them. Even brings them back on occasion. Heh.


BBC said...

Ah, don't get over here a lot, got a dog hey? They are good friends if you have the time for them, I don't.

I don't think it would be fair to the dog for me to own one so I just stick to the cats.

John L said...

Tennis balls are great and cost bugger all.

Davo said...

BBC, friends are where you find them .. heh.