Saturday, August 29, 2009

Abbey at the beach

Have been extremely fortunate, methinks. The lass is gentle, intelligent, and has no traits that I find "uncomfortable" . She sits in the car and waits patiently, wanders around the "playground" but romps back to sit eagerly at my feet when called. Is friendly with other dogs and people.

Ooo, what's this stuff?

The "playground".


John L said...

She's lovely. She'll change your life.

Davo said...

John, "change" is an interesting concept. At this point methinks have "added" to her quality of life .. as she has to mine. The "adaptation" has been remarkably swift.

Davo said...

.. and her "playground" is much bigger than the delineated image.

She's 'off leash' almost everywhere we go - but had to clip into her collar on explorations when we went to Ardrossan.

Too many motor vehicles.

Davo said...

At this point am trying to figure out if she she forgives me when pissed (oops, inebriated) .. ah, old story ..

Lock yer spouse and dog in the boot of the car for half an hour. See which one is happy to see you when you open it. heh.

Davo said...

She's testing me now. Moving her head when I put my hand near it; gnawing my fingers.