Saturday, July 25, 2009

mathematical trivia

Get up early next month and watch the digital clock.
At five minutes and six seconds after four in the morning on the seventh of August in the current calender year; the time will be 04:05;06 07/08/09


Davo said...

That, of course, only applies to sensible people - anyone in the USA won't understand that one.

Davo said...

They also drive on the wrong side of the road - probably why they keep losing "asymetric" wars. The reason why "horsemen" "kept to the left" was 'cos swords were slung on the left.

Think about it. Most people use their right hand. Much easier and quicker to draw a sword, if needed, while passing another to yer right.

Davo said...

Also, "port" side in shipping. Why? Ah, think about it.

Vincent said...

I've thought about it. None the wiser.

Just thought you should have someone else's comments & not just a monologue.

Davo said...

TY, Vincent. Am used to "talking to self", these days .. heh.

Language, and the origins of "common" words fascinates me. "port" and "starboard" (steeringboard) are also generated by "right-handed" people. In the early days of dugout canoes with more than two crew, the "steering" paddle was slung over righthand side. Continued through to early sailing ships. That was purely "practical" and to avoid damage, the vessel generally "parked" - tied up - with the wharf on the left-hand side .. the "port" side.