Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I must be a "control freak"

Don't ask .. I love my little generator. Am sitting here, minding my own business, trying to organise several "web" presences when "brrrr..rown!", the lights go out. Um, think i.

Stumble around in pitch darkness, find the 4 D cell "headlight" that (hopefully) had remembered to return to the hook that it belonged to.

Go out and refill generator. It runs for about 5 hours on a tankful of 2 stroke petrol. Sometimes I get carried away with intentions, imaginations: and forget the practical time-frames.

I love it. Ain't nobody else around here gives me hassles .. heh.


Davo said...

Nah, interesting. that's TWICE have had to refill the generator this day .. bleah!

R.H. said...

Why did you go bush in the first place. I want to know.



Vincent said...

Ah, living the dream: walkabout, bush-tucker, floppy hat (no corks dangling from it though).

Time you wrote the twenty-first century sequel to Tom Collins' "Such is Life"

Davo said...

Why did I go Bush? Ah, Roberrt .. long story. Probably 'cos "solitude" is built into my psyche/fate/destiny and, by and large, "civilised" people don't like me .. heh.

"Tom Collins"? Vincent, can't really define this life as "hardship" .. heh. Has its interesting problems, though.