Saturday, July 25, 2009

bush engineering

Ah, I could say - never buy cheap. Have been having problems with this little pixie. If you look closely you'll see the "pull cord" starter thingo is a bit loose.

um, think i, must fix that. Took the housing off. Fiddled with it, the spring inside went SPROINNNGGGG!!!.

Several days later .. after i'd figured out how to rewind the spring; bolted it back on; something went loose and the flywheel sort of mangled the plastic bits - then the cord sort of broke and every effort to wrap bits of string around the vanes on the fly wheel to try and give it some sort of "kick start" failed, and many hours of expenditure curses failed to make it go "putt putt" and supply some sort of grunt for the laptop .. the problem has been solved by a bit of patience, ingenuity and bush engineering. Don't ask for the details.

On a brighter note, the Wagon has been delivered to the local "expert" to graft a secondhand auto transmission gearbox to a new "host" and should be delivered next Monday.


JahTeh said...

I bet the ingenuity was stuffing a gerbil in a cage and making it run.

Davo said...

Um, JT .. there is another, um, "bush bloke" in this campsite and yer .. we're looking at all sorts of possibilities.

Davo said...

..aaand .. it seems 'patience' is the byword around here. Local 'mechanics' are still "fiddling" with my motor vehicle (grrr).

Davo said...

Um, no. Well, not delivered .. they're still 'fiddling" .. gaaaah!

R.H. said...

Bush engineering, that's right.

Well done, you old c--t!