Sunday, September 07, 2008

Words. Words words

What would we do without them? Probably beat each other over the head with a fallen log - or the thigh bone of an ancestor .. grrr! Grrrrgh! grHRH!!!

Came across this set of words which struck deep into the heart of ME, dunno why.


Wounded souls wander sleepless nights
blindly scanning forlorn faces unfamiliar
with unconscious abandon, hidden hopes.
Smile after solitude smile brush briskly by
with glancing indifference and icy immunity
while unseen the silent quest progresses on -
searching unworthy spirits wasting away,
drowning alone under settled complacency,
lost to the ever encroaching pit of darkness.
Shimmering hints of spark in stealing shade,
souls pursue parallel, elusive, identical souls;
seeking harmony equal and a healing heart.


So, attempted to put some ideas, alphabet words together. They will not have the same 'power' per se .. buuuuut ..

Oxygen always imperative;

Water follows hollows,

meandering meanwhile

to survive;

sometimes sallies


through creeks and gullys;

Molecules waiting to live.

Inspiration, an unexpected flow

from wellsprings i well know;

another fool or foal,

from a disparate desperate soul;

It may, perhaps, be forever so



Davo said...

whatelse would you expect from 30 minutes earthtime?

Vincent said...

with full respect to Beth's words as quoted, I prefer yours, Davo. the 30 mins to write it down captures the spontaneity of the moment and the content captures the wisdom of a lifetime.

Davo said...

Vincent, i .. erm, stretch the facts somewhat. First noticed that set of words by Beth some time ago. Have been busy .. umm, "doing my own thing" .. but that set of words kept re-asserting themselves into my conciousness. So much so, I had to deal with them, somehow.

Davo said...

Vincent, can't really tell you the amount of effort it takes to get though to WiFizone. So much so, i became slightly pissed orf and drove to the library this evening. Annoyed enough to record the journey on High Definition videotape .. in case nobody believes me, or has the impression that am some sort of idiot.

Davo said...

and yes vincent/ tried to connect viaWiFzone, that faeiled but haveall recent journeys on video. am back a the library WiFi by torchlight, and made some minor edits.

Brian Hughes said...

"Words. Words words
What would we do without them?"

I spoke to one of the local teenagers in attempt to solve the answer to this riddle...but he just grunted at me in response.

BBC said...

I like to keep my words simple, I don't assume that poor people around the world that may read my blog have a disciplinary or thesaurus.

Beautiful days here now, the best part of our summers seem to be in September. I'm going camping in the morning, should have nice weather for the four days I'm gone.

But even if it was shitty I would go anyway.

beth♥ said...

First ... thank you. I'm glad my words did stick with you.

Second ... I love yours. Love it. Love it. Love it. "Inspiration, an unexpected flow from wellsprings i well know" ... Ah! So lovely.

GreenSmile said...

"molecules waiting to live"

damn! That is good so many ways.

consider this encouragement, Davo.

Anne Johnson said...

Wellsprings are my favorite things.

Neil said...

That last poem is not bad at all, Davo!

BTW I am blogging on my old Journalspace at the moment because my WordPress is shut as it was compromised by a malicious bastard.

Neil said...

Horrible experience, but a learning experience. Problem now seems to be solved. :)

BBC said...

Damn, I spelled dictionary wrong, sorry about that brain fart.

Davo said...

..spoke to one of the local teenagers in attempt to solve the answer to this riddle...but he just grunted at me in response.

when all else fails .. there is the thigh-bone of an ancestor .. heh.

Davo said...

Oy, Billy B, don't let me .. um, "put you off".. am just "wrghtn mah thung".

Davo said...

Billyb, there are times when i really do, have to walk the night. Go listen in silence; to conversations between the frogs and night creatures.

Have been around a bit, also understand the Games people ply, and play; politics.

BillyB, you are welcome on my patch, but methinks you are beginning to understand the ground rules .. heh.

Davo said...

I am an Australian.

BBC said...

There are rules? Oh, yeah, I get that shit from women all the time, ha, ha, ha.

Davo said...

billyB .. Australia is land full of subtle colours.