Thursday, September 04, 2008

Female heads

OK, looks like everyone else has taken pot-shots at - potential - female heads of state .. so will just remind viewers that Australia - without fanfare, hooplaha or fuss - is almost there.

Her name is Quentin Bryce.


Brian Hughes said...

That website site lied to me. It said 'Click here for more', so I did, and there wasn't any more, just the same sentence repeated. Typical politician really, all words, no substance and nothing new to say.

Davo said...

Brian, is there something specifically special about british cynicism? Gaaaah, luv ya anyway.

Davo said...

Quentin Bryce is now, if one looks carefully behind the subtleties of the written "Constitution" of Australia .. now, if fact, in real terms, legally "Commander in Chief" of our Armed Forces .. interesting concept.