Thursday, September 04, 2008

Losing my head

Which, by the way, is quite different from losing my mind.

But there is much evidence to indicate that for some, death is not instantaneous, which probably offers a truly surreal experience for those few, brief moments. It goes without saying that there are no first-hand accounts to shed further light on the subject.
The quote is taken from here, a damn interesting website .. on the other might be quite mad.

Something else that have found during this 24 hour trawl .. have, actually, also been battling with the mechanisms of local video and animation, with very little success - but this one caught my fancy (funnybone, understanding, hollow laugh - whatever)

Food Fights .. heh, heh ..

5 minutes 30 secs.
or for those with difficult connections, try here.
Do try to see it through to the closing credits.


Brian Hughes said...

Is it just me, or is that Food Fight film mildly erotic?

Davo said...

Depends on whether you like masses of soft, stuffed buns.