Thursday, September 04, 2008

Where has the Aussie sense of humour gone?

What prompted this post? Ah, many things. A mention of Asterix, for one. Am also re-viewing ( um, looking at) a repeat of "the Collectors" on ABCTV). Some bloke collects "comics" (the printed paper versions, he's not interested in freeze dried Billy Connollys). Whatever happened to "Bluey and Curley"?, "Ginger Meggs"? "Felix the cat"?, "Snake gully"? and er, well, can understand the banishment of "Lucy Lubra, the artful Abo" - into the backblocks and dark alleys behind the facade of "political correctness".

Asterix, of course, is the eternal battler against the Roman Legions.

(thanks Beth)


Davo said...

Not sure what's happening, but my first post about my thoughts on the newest Palin name - mysteriously vanished into cyberspace. It will, methinks, be held for assessment by Blurgle. On the other hand, may well be unconsciously paranoid.

Davo said...

and yer, Aussie humourists, satirists ARE around, but without instant access to the net, bit difficult to create a "comprehensive compilation"