Friday, May 04, 2007

jottings for this past week

Some random thoughts that have been passing, this week, through what I call a mind .. yer, i know, i used to have a braincell, but it became lonely and left home to find some friends, and am now left with an empty space.

France, home of the guillotine; Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité .. now has to contemplate the possibility of a "President Royal" .. ??
Everything else being equal (heh), am guessing that that will be too much of a paradox, even for the French.

John Howard continues to prove that he is still a slippery wily little snake arsehole politician .. with back against the wall and low "polling" stats .. does a sudden backflip on his long held favourite draconian Industrial Relations laws. MMmm, wonder if the punters will see through that ploy, and I wonder how many more cardboard rabbits we'll see come out of that hat in the next few months.
The rodent is desperate. Hopefully, not desperate enough to bypass the ACCC and grant the three American "Amigos" absolute monopoly on Telecommunications, but the stench of smouldering overloaded ancient conduits is in the air.

(Bill Leak .. yer, i know , hafta go through the Murdoch press, drat.)

Gillard stumbles by publicly making a not so veiled threat to Industry, but immediately recovers with widely reported round of "consultations" with Industry leaders.
(Bill Leak)

Gillard's faux par immediately overshadowed by the airing of a comment about her - made by one of the fusty, dusty fossilised incumbents. "Not suitable for political leadership" he is reported to have said; not married, no children and "deliberately barren". Hooooo boy. What century do these characters live in??

Neil Whitfield has a look at that.

Doesn't matter though, there are those who heard it, and will think on it .. ahhh .. the dirty art of politics, must be an election in the offing.

Still can't figure out why "Nuclear" Australia has to become a debate.

Irrelevant SMOKESCREEN folks. Waste of time and Media space. Let me put it this way .. I don't really CARE WHO - or WHAT - caused the ice in the polar regions to melt. Perhaps the "Intelligent Designer" is getting hot under the collar - watching HIS children shit in their own nappy; perhaps Gaia is suffering from a virus of some sort; perhaps the cosmicalogical sun is going through a periodic cycle; perhaps little green men in Alpha Centauri are aiming evil Gamma rays at us with intent to emigrate .. who cares.

Polar Ice-cap melt is a FACT.

Twentyfive - or 200 - Nuclear power stations (added to the coal-fired power stations we already have) by the year 2050 .. is totally and absolutely IRRELEVANT.

Doncha just love it when the pollies say .. mm, well, we'll put in a target to reduce 60% of CO2 emissions by 2050. Yer, like .. when they get there it'll be .. mmm, oops, oh well, missed the target by 10% but we'll try harder over the next 50 years .. knowing, of course that they can grab their taxpayer funded superannuation payouts
NOW, and scurry off to safety, well before facing any serious ramification or responsibility.

Already TOO LATE, folks. It's my guess that the Gulf Stream will falter and cease within the next ten years. How about putting some policies in place to cope with the inevitable "climate refugees"?? (Oh, and by the way, don't choose Australia - we don't have enough water to supply the existing 20 mill - long story, that one, depends on the sort of lifestyle that one expects, I guess.)

Am still wondering why Sliver Cell Solar technology, an Australian development, was never really supported by this incompetent incumbent Government.

Oh, there's more, much more.

One wonders why, over the past ten years, so much attention has been paid to playing tin soldiers, why nobody seriously thought about building Desalination plants instead of purchasing clapped out second-hand American Abrams tanks. Whadda they gunno do? fill them with water?? How can an Abrams tank, or a disfunctional supersonic Super Hornet defend us from a determined individual with a religious chip on the shoulder, and a backpack full of Semtex??

.. ESPECIALLY since we have "hitched our star" to a very peculiar american administration.

This, of course, is not surprising. Parliament House Canberra does NOT have a long track record for being in touch with "up-to-date" information.

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BBC said...

So you are lonely? Come over for a fireside chat and a beer. Still lots of water here even though in twenty years we will have to start shooting others to keep them from coming here as things go to hell on this planet.

Davo said...

am not, personally, "lonely" BBC, but thanks fer the offer. Send me a ticket, I think that QANTAS is still in Aussie hands .. heh.

Davo said...

(That quip about QANTAS was a sort of 'in-joke'. A "private equity" firm with strong links to banks in America has been trying to buy it, but the shareholders are proving difficult, apparently. We rather like our National Flag carrier .. heh.)

JahTeh said...

Opinion is now swinging towards a fast break-up of the ice caps instead of a gradual melting.

Davo said...

That's a cheery thought, JT; perhaps I really should have kept the boat.